12 September 2011

Painting Dwarf Longbeards

For those that dont know Dwarf Longbeards are the oldest battle hardened Dwarfs in the core lists. The main feature of these Dwarves is their grey beards, as symbol of great age and wisdom.

The first step is to prime the figure, I dont use spray prefering to paint my undercoat on by hand, ensuring I dont lose any details.
The next step for me is to block in the main colours this can involve several coats of paint to acheive an even coverage (especially for yellow) when covering the black base. The armour and weapon are painted with vallejo gunmetal grey, the flesh is given a coat of GW scorched brown, then GW dark flesh, the horns on the helmet are GW scorched brown, the shield outer and motif GW tin bitz the body of the shield is red gore. The mail coat outer is GWregal blue and the sleeves in this case are Vallejo game colour scrofulous brown, the amulet if GW dwarf bronze.All leather is scorched brown.
Next up is adding the next level of detail.
Armour and weapon are highlighted with GW chainmail. the helmet horns Vallejo buff.
Shield outer and motif dwarf bronze, leather vallejo mid brown, sleeves GW golden yellow 2 coats, mail coat outer GW enchanted blue, sheild inner GW blood red. Beard in this case GW codex grey, Eyes are now put on GW skull white and the flesh is highlighted with GW tanned flesh.

The final stages are up next.
Hands and faces are highlighted first with GW dwarf flesh, then finished with pin highlights of GW elf flesh. the pupils are placed with GW enchanted blue. The beard is highlighted with fortress grey.
The shield outer and motif  and amulet have GW burnished gold applied and the shield inner GW blazing orange.The mail coat outer is highlighted with GW ice blue. The leather is highlighted vallejo biege brown. The horns Vallejo off white. The sleeves are given 2 coats of sunburst yellow.

All my longbeards are being painted using a theme of Green, Blue and Yellow clothing the Red shield is being applied throughout the unit to tie them all together.

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  1. These are looking good. I used to paint model eyes with enchanted blue but always found that they looked a little startled and un-natural. I swapped to painting the entire eye Chaos Black and then spotting with Skull White in the corners.


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