4 September 2011

Out of the Darkness

I have been lucky and while my wife was watching the rubbish served up last night on the idiots lantern they call musical talent I decided to make a start on the Miners.

I want to keep these looking darker than my other units not to dark but as they are meant to be hard working miners, but these should not be as bright as my other units. For the 1st unit I have settled on a colour scheme of Purple, Green and Blue all to be highlighted in my usual three shades but with only subtle changes between the tones.

Overall a good session for me last night and half the unit is base painted.
I like to get at least one figure completed to gauge the overall finished look it also serves as a great guide to completing the rest of the figures. Iwould normally use 5 steps for the flesh but have reduced it to 4 for these as it makes the skin look a little dirtier. I am not to sure about the candle flame yet and if after staring at it for a couple of days that opinion does not change then i will be repainting it.

1 comment:

  1. They're looking good. I think flames are very hard to do - I've yet to find a way to do it that looks convincing.


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