28 September 2011

Grudges, Waaagh and Valhalla

It has been a ridiculously busy month here, but I made the target. Alongside this I have started several other projects, so much for sticking to the plan and not diverting my time elsewhere. I even took note of the pointers made in the group forum about posting a bitmore and with 6 posts this month I have exceeded my highest total post count for a month so far.
First up the completed 14 Miners.

I completed the 22 Longbeards late today. Just in time to meet the target for the months end.

Earlier in the month I completed the Master engineer as an extra and posted the pictures for that, and some vikings that were additional to the target.
As I mentioned earlier I got distracted and have done several other figures. First up the startof the WAAAAAAAGH! These are the start of my youngest Sons goblin and Orc army, He chose the colour of the spider and has given me a list to paint the other 29 spiders. These will be unusual as a 4 year old has some weird ideas.

Finally Vikings, a new warlord and standard bearer, as a friend needed a few figures for a saga warband and I donated the previous warlord and standard bearer to his army.

I then set about expanding my options for my warband and have added another 2 points of hearthguard this time with axes. This takes my force too 5 points now.
And as if that lot was not enough I have prepared another 2 points of Hearthguard and a point of levy archers.


  1. That thud noise was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. What's that, about 80 models in total?

    And the question I really don't want the answer to: Is that banner done freehand?

  2. In a 'marks out of ten' system, I get the feeling that someone has just turned it up to eleven!

    It's nice to see that even you have been drawn in by the cult of cheaphammer. I hadn't spotted the mine entrance before. Looks ace!

  3. I cant take dredit for the mine entrance as I inherited it from Kelly.

    But I can claim the freehand Banner :)

  4. I just had to take a minute and say that in addition to EVERYTHING else you've ever painted, I love your WH painting. I broke my teeth on WH Goblins & Dwarves 6 years ago painting with my son. Seeing your much better painted figs is a treat, and a trip down memory lane. Lovely stuff!


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