21 September 2011

A few extras.

I have been doing a couple of other bits alongside the Dwarfs this month, and have completed another 4 Viking Hearthguards for my Saga points, this brings my total painted force up to 3 points. Its likely that next month will be spent painting Vikings so I can make the club Tournament in November.

I originally intended to do an all Hearthguard and Beserker force using just 25 figures total, but I really have a thing about Vikings and have decided to build up my options and include warriors and levies in the points force.. more on that next month
So here are the last 4 Heartguards for now at least.


  1. They are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous...

    ...I hate you. :)

  2. Wow, just wow! Can we have a pic from behind please? Those cloaks must look great!

  3. Thanks, I will sort a rear view for the next update :)


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