28 August 2011

August Deadline Approaches

First up I realised mid month completing this challenge this was going to cause me problems. Firstly I had a huge amount of terrain to construct to get the new club up and running for the first Thursday in September. This really cut down on the free time I had available to paint. Secondly was my fault and the distraction with the Blood bowl team and building up my Dwarf empire. The latter being a point I intend to rectify next month.

I am thankfull to Kieron, who found some DAK decals and gave them to me, although this was after I had carefully painted all the unit markings etc free hand. However although my freehand work was acceptable the decals looked much better so I started over on these except the turret numbers. I was very pleased with my numbers and the decals IMHO did not look as good.

Hopefully I will make the deadline as I have a couple of hours free tonight to work on these.

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