30 August 2011

August comes to a close.

I am pleased that I met the target for the month, it may have been a small unit but with the clubs terrain as well I came very close to failure, But I also squeezed a couple of bonus figure in too.
The 5 panzer 4's will eventually be split into the HQ and 2 combat platoons for my DAK tank company.

After some research having numbered all the tanks individually I discovered 15th Panzer division only used a single company digit throughout the period so had to redo the numbering. Having settled on the number 2 they all represent the second company of 15th panzer.
The HQ Command Tank

The 1st Zug the remainder will be Panzer III's

The 2nd Zug again the balance will be Panzer III's

A couple of close ups of the stowage and added extras, the Air recon flags are all hand painted.

I also managed to paint two of the Characters for my up coming Dwarf army. Ignore the bases as these are going to be re-worked, but that wont be done until my army is completed as I like to base all the figures at once.
First up My take on Grombrindal the White Dwarf, Followed by one of my Dwarf Thanes.

Well that's all for this month hope you enjoy the update.

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