1 July 2011

An unintended game

I went to visit Kevin an old friend last night to discuss his new terrain project, I took some samples of my freestanding terrain with me, as he had enquired about the flexible roads, and my take on woodland areas. Whilst there he mentioned they were having a game and were unexpectedly a player short, and would I like to join in and play his amended 7 years war rules they had been developing.
Its been a few years since I played this period, and although I have always been attracted to the period, never found any rules that did the period justice.
So play sheet in hand and an express run through of the basics and I was given the hot seat, 3 brigades of Prussian Infanty and 1 cavalry brigade.
The game was great the fighting was fierce and the game flowed really well. In fact the game played so well I asked for a copy of the rules as its high time I got this period back on my calendar.
The rules are called ULTIMA RATIO REGUM (last argument of Kings) and are loosely based on the fire and fury mechanism. I look forward to a further outing in this period.

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