27 July 2011

Things are Changing (Part 2)

The terrain build is now well under way with & tables fully framed and decked. Thanks to the assistance of members of the new club they have also all been textured and base painted. Not bad going considering these are all 6ft by 4ft tables.

I have managed to get 4 tables all drybrushed up ready to flock. the other three will follow in a few days as i fit these in alongside the regular terrain work of my customers.

Trevor and me sat down on Tuesday and started on the freestanding terrain for the tables, we intend to have plenty of terrain for each table and to be able to run competition games next year. So far we have constructed 100 fields of varying types and sizes. these will need to be painted up but progress is good.

Currently I am drawing all the 15mm sections of flexible road we will need to have in total about 220 pieces. which will include straights and a large variety of junctions.

Well thats all for now. Part 3 will be in a couple of weeks.

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