17 July 2011

28mm Vikings.

Now I have hundreds of Vikings from Gripping beast, Sadly all unpainted.  I bought them years ago to play WAB shieldwall but this never got off the ground. I will however convert them to be able to play either CoE or Impetus I havent decide which way to go yet.
In the meantime I found some Foundry Vikings (unpainted), I need to get a few more as they are not compatible really with Gripping beast figures. The foundry figures however will make me an excellent force for the New Saga rules we intend to play in the new club.

I have enough to paint A lord, 1 point of Beserkers and two points of HearthGuard at present a total of 13 models. Here are the results so far after 4 days of painting.
The Lord (centre) and Beserkers.

The First 4 Hearthguard figures

Technically the game does not require a standard bearer but I thought It would look good.

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