12 June 2011

Report on the scenario

We set up for battle.

JP was the attacker with Austian Avant Garde with infantry support and Heavy cavalry reserve.
I was Saxon with cavalry support.

Things did not start well both rolling commanders across the board with poor vigor, I did manage to get my Cavalry commander with Exceptional tactics though.

The first two turns pass quietly as both forces jockey into position.
Turn 3 sees The action start as the Austrian gun Battery positioned on the hill starts to pound the Town. And the Cavalry and infantry advance.

Turn 4 The Saxon Currasiers attend to the threat from the Austrian Uhlans and the Infantry on the Saxon left Flank move to counter the austrian advance.

My Lasalle phase and turn counter.
In the combat Phase we sort the cavalry melee with my 14 dice to JP's 12 dice I win 8 hits to 6 and the Uhlans take a disr and fall back, this spooks the Austrian Hussars who fail their test for being interpenetrated . In movement the Austrian advance on the town continues undaunted.

things continue back and forth for several turns until turn 11. It does not bode well for the Saxons, due to an unexplained reason I forgot to move my Cavalry commander and JP takes full advantage running him down, killing him in the advance. The Austrian heavy cavalry reserves arrive and JP rolls a 6 so they come on at point D, were the Saxon line is at it weakest.

Turn 12 - Fierce fighting for the Town ensues the Saxons manage to hold but elsewhere on the table things are not looking good. Two combats go badly and send Saxon infantry running.

Turn 13 and the pressure continues but still the town is held.

Turn 14 Welcome to combat - The saxon right Flank gets hit hard and they run, the centre sees the defiant town hold but on the left flank the Horse battery loses combat and runs. I decided to try and hit back as a valiant attempt to throw the Austrians back.

Turn 15- with combats across the table Im hopeful but JP has the dice gods tonight and the Saxons are in disorder across the board and are left 1 point from breaking.

Turn 16 Saxon right sees the battery charge but they mange to save them in combat, but the infantry flee and the line crumbles in combat, The saxon grenadier valiantlybeat of a cavalry attack only to lose in mele to the infantry, but there is hope as the light cavalry throw back the Austrian currassiers.

Turn 17 sees the Town lost and the saxons are badly mauled, we ran out of time at this point but none the less we talked the possible conclusion and agreed that i did hold the second objective well so the result was a Minor Victory to the Austrians.

Summing up: The optional rules work well and with anothe rcouple of games under our belts I will publish them as we have modified what we felt need to be done and they do not unbalance the game, infact they add to it and make the game more tactical.


  1. Great action report, and terrain.


  2. Super figs & terrain. Look forward to reading your house rules for Lasalle

  3. Nice figs, terrain and a good report.

    Im looking forward to getting my Lasalle project started.



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