12 June 2011

A little Lasalle scenario

This is simply called hold the retreat road, it is an entirely hypothetical scenario.

The Map below is how we laid out the table for this battle, The idea being to further playtest our amended rules.
The Attacker gets a Core army plus 2 (one must be reserves)
The Defender gets a Core (with bonus units) plus 1.

Two objectives feature in this game, One is the Town placed 12 BW in from the defenders table edge, the second is placed 6 BW from the table edge on the road behind the Town.

The Attacker wins a Major victory if he controls both objectives at the end of the game.
The Attacker wins a Partial victory if he only controls the Town.
The defender wins if he retains Both objectives.

The Attacker Deploys first and has the first turn, he can deploy 6 BW in anywhere between points B and C.
The Defender can deploy one unit formed in the town the remaining units deploy as per the rule book, 6BW from the table edges.

The Attacker roles for reserves as normal, then roles a D6 for entry point as follows:
1 or 5 arrive at A
2 arrive at B
3 arrive at C
4 or 6 arrive at D

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