22 June 2011

Casualty markers a rethink - Part 1

I have been re thinking how I do my casualty bases for Lasalle and other games in general, and have been trying to solve the problem of making them look more aesthetically pleasing. Not that I really think there is anything wrong with how I make my markers, but as always there is room to improve.
I picked up some dead horses for my cavalry units at the Triples show to use as markers for my Saxon Cavalry. They seem easy enough to paint and although they have some horse furniture differences to Saxon Cavalry, they are acceptable for their intended purpose. However I digress the matter for me was creating some kind of counter to mark the casualties and have the dead fixed atop so they looked like scenic pieces and not just markers.
I then looked at the phase wheel section of the turn counter I had made for me and set about designing some counter type dials using that for inspiration. I made several attempts to work something out but all seemed to be flawed. (really was not the right week to quit the evil nicotine) I could not work out why I was struggling to solve something that appeared to be so simple. I walked away for a while, in fact many hours then bang at 3am having failed to sleep for turning the problem over in my mind I thought I had the answer. Out came the sketch pad to note down the thoughts started to do a mock up and almost but not quite, but oh so close. A few coffees later and I had a working design, the solution was so simple in the end I still fail to see how it took so long to solve the problem.
The design has now gone to be laser cut so keep an eye out for Part 2 as I will document how the idea turns into reality and bring the end result to the table.

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