18 June 2011

Alternative terrain and Optional rules for Lasalle

I have been gaming the Napoleonic era for a long time, and although Lasalle is a great fast play set of rules it lacks some elements that make the game more tactical. This really is down to the limited effect of terrain in the game, it almost has no effect. To counter this I have incorporated rules from several sources that really add flavour to the game,  integrated into  Lasalle and playtested with some friends.

Here is a link to the downloadable PDF (currently unavailable as minor adjustments being made)
There are a couple of other areas that we felt needed a little adjustment to make the game a touch more interesting.
so we addressed the movement of artillery and the ability to fire overhead. I felt that cossacks were to limited and added some rules to give them aggression. We have also made some adjustments for infantry too, from firing with a square to lines firing at columns.

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