18 June 2011

A little play testing

One thing that came from the Tournament was the high mobility of artillery in the Lasalle rules. Now while they are designed as Fast play rules and are extremely good to play, they do suffer from a little lack of historical accuracy in some areas.
After a lot of thought and reflection, myself and John Paul decided to play test some amended rules to add some extra realism to the game. After all you cant just change a rule blindly without knowing if the changes affect game play drastically or cause other issues until you try them.

The rules we changed or high lighted are listed below:


You may only prolong heavy guns if you did not fire in the reaction phase.
To limber or unlimber  light or medium guns takes Half a move
To limber or unlimber heavy guns takes a full move
If a battery moves more than Half it may unlimber but cannot fire in the next reaction phase.
To move artillery must be in command.


Only if the battery or target are clearly on a higher elevation.
May not fire if a friendly unit is within 4bw of the target front, and no friendly unit is within 4bw of the battery's fire zone.
Only shot may be fired.


Only able to fire if they have not moved, if moved they must spend a turn stationary to fire.
Half the unit may fire needing 5+ to hit so a small unit gets 2 dice a large unit 3 dice.


In the main these changes worked well and produced the right effect we were looking for, we still have to play test them further and have a couple of other rules to add to this small list. (more on that at a later date). You certainly need to think about initial deployment of battery's more carefully and plan ahead. The effect of allowing squares to fire worked extremely well and did not detract from the rules or cause other problems.

We also have some House terrain rules that we are play testing and developing to add even more flavour to the game, we haven't had enough testing as yet to determine if they are right at present but will keep you updated on this as we finalise our ideas.

My next post will more likely be at the weekend and it will be an AAR of our play testing.

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