9 April 2011

The Polish Contingent

As I mentioned earlier I have started the Polish Core list. I had the camera out earlier to photograph the Saxons and took a couple of pictures of the first 2 Polish Units. So I thought I may as well put them up here.
I need 4 small units for the reserve infantry option as a support to the Saxons, so the first 2 battalions are completed this is the 13th Polish Regt, all dressed in white as they liberated their uniforms from the Austrian army.
This is my subcommander, I like to edge my bases with a colour to help
distinguish armies on the table so these get Polish Crimson for an edge detail.

2 battalions of the 13th Polish infantry Regiment
All that remains to complete the core is six more battalions, a foot battery, skirmish & casualty stands and the army command stand. I have almost completed the third unit of infantry and that only leaves 1 more to go before I can use them as a reserve choice for my Saxons.

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