24 April 2011

The 1st UK Lasalle Tournament.

Organised by Trevor Allan and played at Maelstrom games in Mansfield.

Using all rules in the Lasalle rulebook, and from the Honour website, including the latest errata (28/5/10), and optional rules (27/5/10). The only rule not in effect will be the Engineering rules on pages 77-78. Nobility points will be used.
Command ratings of Sub-Commanders: were diced for before deployment of each game. This was a variable within the tournament that kept all the protagonists playing games of toy soldiers, and therefore the tournament’s importance is secondary to all the players having “Good, Fun” games.
Tournament Points:
Decisive Victory 5 points
Marginal Victory 4 points
Draw 3 points
Marginal Loss 2 points
Total Defeat 1 point

The "Official Results" are:
Tournament winner : Stephen Davison (French Empire with Dragoons in reserve)..
Best Opponent: Andrew Saunders (Saxon with an organic Cavalry support).
The Finishing Positions:
1st..Stephen Davison (French Empire with Dragoons in reserve)..11 pts
2nd..John Paul Stubbings (Austrian Avant Garde, in the first two games he used the Infantry support and in the final game the Cuirassier reserve)..10 pts
3rd..Roger Calderbank (Bavarians with a Cavalry Support)..10 pts
4th..James Woodward (Russian Grenadiers with a plethora of options)..9 pts
5th..Nigel Nicholson (Austrian Avant Garde with the Hussar and infantry options)..9 pts
6th..Trev Allen (Russian Grenadier, with the Lt. Cavalry reserve)..8 pts
7th..Alan Charlesworth (Russian grenadier with the artillery support)..8 pts
8th..Andrew Saunders (Saxon with the cavalry support)..7 pts

Overall this was a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable event, I made some new friends and potential new gaming opponents.

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