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Saga - Anglo Danish 4pt starter Warband

I joined in with a great group of hobbyists on a Facebook group called Miniature Modelling Mayhem, the idea being to inspire and motivate people to get a project of their own completed over a month. Each month you set your own target. They hold regular Google+ hangouts so you can chat to other like minded individuals regardless of your own location. As yet I have not joined a hangout, I need a better pc than I have to run the application and likewise a decent webcam.

The group can be found HERE 

So this month I set a small target, having several projects on the go at the moment I decided it would be good to use this monthly target to help me clear the lead pile one bit at a time. So for me it was one of the 2 Saga box sets I have.

I hit my target, basing these up last night. 4pts of Anglo Danish a total of 25 figures. 2 x 4 figure Hearthguards, 2 x 8 figure Warriors and a Warlord. The shields are all freehand and the Banner is of my own design.

Front and rear view of the Hearthguards and Warlord. I decided to raise the Warlord on a suitable rocky base, as if to give him a more commanding presence. 

This first point of warriors I decided to give plain or quartered shields too for identification purposes.

This 2nd point is differentiated by having a simple cross on the shields. Now before any rivet counters say purple was not a common colour, it is lilac and is a natural dye obtained from Elder berries and has been used in Britain for centuries.

Well that's me with a project completed and under my belt is a reduction in my personal lead pile. I have not decided on next months project yet, but it will either be to complete the half finished battalion of French Napoleonic Infantry or the Saga Saracen 4 pt warband I had started and not got very far with either.

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