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Ice Berg Ahead

I have been chilling out this is my last week on the brushes before I take a proper holiday and spend 2 weeks, getting things in order that have been languishing in my to do list but almost certainly get forgotten about. So time to sort the paperwork etc out and get straightend out.

This last couple of weeks I have been working on a few projects, at the same time, So their will be a few more posts to come. Currently I have a lot of Napoleonics on my bench, being my favourite period to paint its all good for me.

This week I give you another Battalion from Berg, this time round its the 2nd battalion of the 1st regiment circa 1809- 1810. I am not fully happy with the pictures, I really struggle to photograph white uniformed figures for some reason.

 Right folks, see you soon with some more additions to Mr Daves Serenity project.


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