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One for All and All for One !

I have long enjoyed watching films and programs based on the Alexandre Dumas novel of the Three Musketeers. For me the 1973 version with Oliver Reed always stood out and I have watched this version many times over. As well as the second part of the adaptation released in 1974. In 2014 the BBC released an adaptation in the form of a 10 part series, followed by another 10 part series in 2015, and shortly the 3rd series will be aired. So in preparation for the 3rd series release I thought I would watch both previous series again to refresh the old grey matter.

Then it occurred to me that buried in my lead pile was a set of musketeers that required some paint. So I set about trying to locate them in the work room, no small feat in itself as currently the Great Hall is in a somewhat disorganized state. Figures found after an hour of diving into various drawers and boxes. I had not painted them when I received them as they are for my personal use and as with all things for me they often get put onto the back burner until I feel in the mood and have the time to lavish on them. I set about giving them some attention, having decided to take a day off work. A bit of a Busman's holiday you could say.


The figures are 28mm and are available from Warbases. Looks like I am going to be purchasing all the other figures that are available. The figures painted nicely and really fit the Characters in the BBC series nicely.
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