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An intermittent post

It has been a while since my last post, albeit slowly recovery is getting there and I have been busy working away at some items for both Brigantes Studio and Warbases recently. I am acutely aware that Warbases Wednesday has been Awol. It will return shortly, I make no excuses for its absence as my mind has been fully focused on product development for Brigantes Studio more on that later in the post.

I have taken a chunk of personal time this last month on advice of my head doctor. I apologise to many of you if I have been a bit distant and not popping up as often as I would normally. I am sure old Loki will be firing on all cylinders soon. To that end I have also decided that this year I will not be taking part in the Analogue Hobbies Winter Challenge, I would love to fight for the crown again but I know that it would serve me ill to partake in the event this year. I shall however be following it with a very keen eye as it is the highlight of the year for me and a lot of excellent work is showcased to the world through it.

So what have I been up to, well I have continued working on the Russian Napoleonic Army for my own gaming and several battalions had their noses bloodied this week in a game with Kev at the Cabin. In fact gaming on a Thursday has been the only regular event for me of late. When I started building the Russian Force it led me back to my favourite period, their is something about Napoleonics that always draws me back. I have also had a large Russian army before so have a fair amount of notes and knowledge on the troops already but I have been reading a lot more recently and carrying out a lot more research into the army. Its a complicated force due to the constant changes that were regularly put into place throughout the period and researching the correct flags is an even harder task, but I have been reading several very interesting newly available sites thanks to Russian archives being more accessible. To that end I have been creating a range of flags for Napoleonic Armies that will be released through Brigantes Studio in the hear future.

Now I have not just concentrated on the Russians, in fact I have already begun work on several different armies. Poland, Switzerland, France (1804 pattern) and Wurrtemburg to name a few so far. Why have I done this well I discovered a severe lack of good quality 15mm flags for the period, I spend a lot of time on the figures and want it to be topped of with a nice standard when I can get them. Below is a sample of one of the Wurrtemburg standards that I have completed. Obviously I have copy protected this image while we sort out the fine details of making them commercially available.
I have found that making the flags although hugely time consuming and often tedious, has been of some benefit to me personally as it has certainly made me focus on the matter in hand. To that end I decided to make a small set of flags freely available for non commercial use to visitors to this blog and have created a set of Dark Age banners that are already scaled to print out at both 15mm or 28mm scale. Just click the image below and save them from the new window.
Well good people it is time for me to end this post. I hope to be back regularly soon.

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