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It's Been a while !!!

Well I do hope you are all well and ready for a proper post from me after the last few weeks of nothingness.
I am recovering but not as fast as I hoped but I have been tinkering in the background working on several projects. Today I have completed working on several AB Miniatures Russian Napoleonic units that will be going on E-Bay tonight. You will be able to see the listings in the tab at the top of the page after 7pm tonight.

I have reworked large parts of the figures as they needed a tidy up and application of the correct divisional colours. The flags are all my own work ( and may be sold via Brigantes Studio in due course) as I have been done a lot of research over the years and wanted the units to carry the correct standards, Russian practises with these are rather complicated to say the least.

So above is the 1st Battalion Count Arakayev Grenadiers and below is the 1st battalion Lieb Grenadiers these formed the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Grenadier Division in 1812.

The 3rd Brigade in the same division comprised the St Petersburg Grenadiers above and the Tauride Grenadiers Below.

I have also completed the rebasing and reconfiguration of a Jager Battalion (below).

No I am not done yet in fact not even half way through yet!!!

I then took a break from the infantry for a while as I had to completely repaint two Dragoon regiments.

Above is the Kiev Dragoon Regiment and below is the Moscow Dragoon regiment

Once I completed these it was back to lots more infantry!!!

Kremenchug Infantry regiment above with their compatriots the Minsk infantry below that formed the 1st brigade of the 4th division in 1812

moving along nicely

Tobolsk Infantry regiment above with their compatriots the Volhynie infantry below that formed the 2nd brigade of the 4th division in 1812

and just because you can never have enough Infantry when playing as a Russian I completed the collection with the Pskov infantry because I liked the flag.

Well you have made it to the end of this post, I hope to be back more frequently from this point forward.

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